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“I can’t believe that I’m actually one of those crazy people who look forward to my workouts. I’m over 90lbs down and while I’m proud and hoping to hit the big 100 and I’ve never felt stronger in my life…  I’m the most proud of the relationships I’ve gained along the way. I wouldn’t be who I am today without this amazing group of ladies who are supporting me, guiding me, loving me, and picking me up when I fall. I love my tribe more than words.” (Read full testimonial here.)



“I started working out at Core 7 Fitness, 2 to 3 days a week in January after my sister Channing invited me, and I have been hooked ever since! After having my second baby in November I was ready to get back into shape and gave up trying to work out at home. Between having my son and starting the gym I lost ten pounds. From January to now (June) I have stayed pretty close to the same weight but lost inches. Goes to show the number on the scale isn’t always what matters! So happy with my results! And I love Core 7 Fitness!”


“I wish I had found Ellen years ago! I have had so many health issues from stomach issues to not being able to lose weight!! I have had food sensitivities for years and spent so much money trying to figure out what was causing it… I have never had any doctor ask me so much about my background than Ellen has and never had someone study and care so much for my specific needs… within the first week my stomach issues had gone away! A terrible pain I have had for years and in the first 2 weeks I lost 10 pounds!! Not only do I feel and look better, she has been a great friend, counselor, advice giver, and made me realize I am capable of hard things. There isn’t a person I wouldn’t recommend her to!”


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“I regret signing up to be healthier.”

*Said No One. Ever.





You will have unlimited classes with our world class instructors. Our No to Low Impact workouts are designed to burn fat, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and let you see fast results while having FUN!





Custom meal plans to fit YOU! More than anything, we want YOU to be SUCCESSFUL. Your coach will get you set on a path to achieve your goals. More importantly, you will be given the tools to make a healthy lifestyle and ENJOY it! Your nutrition plan will be adjusted weekly for exactly what you need to keep you on track!




You will be part of our Core 7 Family! Not only will you have your weekly meetings with your coach, but you will also have a TRIBE of people in your corner! Check in with our online support group whenever you need a help, tips, advice, or a little boost of confidence!  We are all here to help you succeed.



Don’t wait.

Our intention is to get you AMAZING results, so that you will tell your friends about us! We hope that your experience with us is so great, that you will stay with us for a lifetime. You’re not obligated to, by any means. **SPOILER ALERT: Most people stick around. We like to think we’ve got a pretty great thing going… You have been warned!