Our Story

An open letter to our #Core7Tribe,

I hope you all know how much I truly love each of you. I want to know you personally, hear your struggles, share tears, give massive hugs, and try to bring a smile to your faces. Most of all, I want to be a huge asset and resource to our Core 7 Family.

The dilemma has been, where do I start? There is always so much I want to say. I know… Shocking! (Ha!) How about the CORE of our beliefs and the reason I opened our doors in the first place? Sounds logical, right?

Opening Core 7 Fitness was a dream of mine for a long time before it became my reality. In order to understand my WHY, I need to lay down some backstory.

I was a victim of child sex abuse.

It is really hard to be so vulnerable and raw where literally, anyone in the world can read my words. I have never hidden my past. I actually talk about it quite freely, but I never want people to misunderstand my intentions. My only hope is that each time I share, someone will find the strength and courage they need, and see what good and strength can come from tragedy.

My life and past are not unique. We all have a “backstory”. We are all broken. Sexual abuse, verbal and physical abuse, domestic violence, eating disorders, mental illness, physical illness, the list goes on and on… WE ARE ALL BROKEN. So, why do we spend so much time and energy tearing each other down, instead of holding out our hand and pulling each other up? It is for this reason that I am so passionate about three words. Encourage. Empower. Edify. I mean passionate to my CORE. (Pun intended).

I am a big believer and practitioner of vision/dream boards. Do you use them? If not, you should!  They are so powerful. A few years ago, my husband and I were working on our first one. I was in my early 20’s and newly married. The one thing on our board that, for me, brought out more raw emotion than any other item was a picture of a red brick facility. Because of everything in my past, I was determined to build a place for people to come to heal, rebuild their self-worth and confidence, and grow. Looking at this photo would bring me to tears, literally. Even thinking about it now, the same emotion wells up. This inner fire lights up in my chest. There was nothing I wanted more that seemed so out of reach.

In 2013, that place became a reality. We opened our doors to a new concept of fitness. A place where everyone feels welcome and loved. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are in. The only person you need to be comparing yourself to, is the person you were yesterday.

Core 7 Fitness is so much more than just a workout. It is a community committed to bringing our light to all who enter our doors and then empowering you to carry that light when you leave.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for all of the love and energy you bring with you everyday. Thank you for helping us to spread our passion and #LoveOut.

Much Love,


Chief Rebel