Barre Sculpt is not just a class, it is an experience! Join us for a high intensity, low impact barre workout that will transform your body and your life. Barre Sculpt intensely focuses on our 7 Fundamentals in every class by utilizing endurance and resistance training, core, and barre work. Great for any fitness level. We believe that we offer the best barre program on the planet!



Power Barre incorporates all the fundamentals of BARRE SCULPT, while adding a little something more…  Adding additional reps and cardio with a faster tempo, POWER BARRE is designed to challenge even the most seasoned athlete. Each class will bring a heart pounding, full body, calorie burning workout designed to push you to your full potential achieving maximum results.



Our Strength/Stretch class is designed to help you focus on building core strength and flexibility. After an intense strength and core segment, you will be led through a guided stretch. Take care of our bodies and focus on the fundamentals of flexibility and clarity.



30 Minute Express that utilizes all of the best components of our SCULPT classes using compound exercises, so you don’t miss a thing! Get your full body workout in a compact amount of time. Get in, get out, and on with your day!



This class slows down the movements, further intensifying that BARRE BURN we all love! This class focuses on achieving muscle fatigue and strength building while maintaining low to no impact movements. Get ready to SHAKE and feel the BURN!



BB ZONE is a Barre Blend class with a bigger focus on resistance training and building strength,  incorporating fat burning and cardio. BB ZONE is broken down into four rotations or zones. Each class will focus on one of the four zones and will rotate to the next zone the following class.

  1. Upper Body Anterior (Chest/Biceps)
  2. Upper Body Posterior (Shoulders/Back/ Triceps)
  3. Lower Body Anterior (Quads/Outer and Inner Thighs)
  4. Lower Body Posterior (Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves)

NEW! HIIT the Barre

HIIT the Barre is a high intensity interval class that will have your heart pounding while you sculpt and tone your body to a rhythmic beat. By combining Strong, martial arts, core stabilization and strength intensive movements, you hit, kick, and squat your way through a fun and challenging workout. Come prepared to work hard and leave strong. Come HIIT the Barre! **Higher impact workout.