Core 7 FüEL

This Week's Menu

What is FüEL?

At Core 7 Fitness, FüEL is one of our 7 fundamentals. We believe in providing our bodies with necessary and balanced nourishment. Meal Prepping is a tried and true method for maintaining consistency and avoiding the pit-falls of eating on the run. Often times, our schedules are too hectic to take the time to prep meals for ourselves. That’s where we come in! Let us do all the work for you. Grab a delicious meal for about the same cost as eating on the go.

How it works…

Meals are available on a weekly basis. We will rotate the breakfast, salad and entrée options. Order and pay by Sunday at 9 pm, and your meals will be ready for pickup on Tuesday morning at 9 am.  Pick up locations are Quarry Bend and South Jordan studios. The weekly menu will be posted on Facebook, and Instagram as well as in each studio. There is no limit or minimum purchase. You can order as many as you want. Once you pay for your order, it cannot be cancelled. Orders can be made online or at the studio.  Order forms will be at the studio. Payment is cash, check or search Cardio Barre Quarry Bend on PayPal. You can let us know what you are ordering in the notes section. When you have returned 10 containers, you receive a free meal of your choice.